Using ESM going to loan shark - Salvini (2)

Clash over Conte's words reaches RAI panel

(ANSA) - Rome, April 14 - Using the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) bailout fund in the coronavirus crisis would be "like going to the loan shark", opposition nationalist League party leader Matteo Salvini said Monday.
    The ESM gives out loans at usury rates, like when you go to the loan shark," he said, adding that Italians don't want money from other countries.
    "It would be enough for us to use the money that the Italians have given to Europe in these years".
    The Eurogroup agreed last week that the ESM could grant coronavirus funding for up to 2% of GDP, but Premier Giuseppe Conte has said Italy will not use the bailout fund.
    He has attacked Salvini and others on the centre right for accusing him of agreeing to the ESM use, and Salvini and allies have accused the premier of using RAI state broadcaster for alleged propaganda against them.
    The clash has been taken up by the parliamentary oversight commission on RAI.


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