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Lockdown eased slightly in most regions

Kids' clothing stores, bookshops open, longer supermarket hours

(ANSA) - Rome, April 13 - Shops selling books, stationery, and clothes for infants and children are reopening in most Italian regions on Tuesday after the government eased slightly the coronavirus lockdown after extending it to May 3.
    Forestry activities, the wood industry and computer production is resuming as well as part of the first attempts to lift restrictions brought in to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, amid a global pandemic. All other restrictions will remain in place until May 3 and re-entering from abroad for Italian nationals and residents will be severely restricted, as will work trips. Anyone with a fever will not be allowed to travel. Movement remains restricted and schools and non-essential production activities remain closed. Regional governments have been allowed to issue more restrictive measures than those issued by the State. AS a result, Piedmont has not eased the lockdown at all, while Lombardy, the region hardest hit, is keeping bookshops and stationary stores shut while letting children's clothes stores reopen.
    Campania is also keeping book and stationary stores closed and letting children's clothes shops open only two mornings a week.
    Lazio has postponed the reopening of bookshops by a week to allow owners time to sanitize them.
    Specific activities allowed to reopen will require that all employees use masks and that there is hand disinfectant near the cash desks and at ATMs. Supermarkets will be allowed to open for more hours during the day to reduce the excessive lines seen in recent weeks but distance will need to be maintained and gloves will be required.


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