1 child in 6 in poverty in Italy - OECD

OECD average is 1 in 7, China worst with 1 in 3, Denmark best

(ANSA) - Rome, November 19 - One child in six is in poverty in Italy, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development said Tuesday.
    This compared with an OECD average of one in seven, it said.
    The dat were contained in a report entitled Changing Opportunities for Vulnerable Children: Building Opportunities and Resilience.
    The report said that since the 2008 financial crisis childhood conditions have worsened in two thirds of OECD countries.
    China scores the worst for child poverty with one in three, the report said.
    Denmark is best with just 2.5% of children in poverty, it said.
    The report called for "coordinated action" to lift children out of poverty.
    Italy's 2020 budget bill contains several moves aimed at helping poor families.
    These include free nursery care for all below a certain income threshold.
    The government has vowed to address the problem in other ways too.