Sao Paulo to host accessibility marathon

'Reackathon' will take place June 14-16

(ANSA) - Technology has not just revolutionized the electronics market, it has also became an instrument of social transformation and, above all, a powerful ally to boost inclusion and accessibility for people with reduced mobility. The International Fair of Technology for Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Accessibility (Reatech) has launched the 'Reackthon', an event organized by Cipa Fiera Milano in Sao Paulo June 14-16, to try to find new technological solutions for innovation that leads to social inclusion. Inspired by the concept of 'hackathons', the event seeks to stimulate the imagination and creativity of designers, specialists, health entrepreneurs and professions for the development of innovative projects in the accessibility area. The theme of the 'marathon' will be 'technology to assist people lacking mobility or with reduced mobility'. The aim is to get participants to create or improve solutions in areas such as web formats, wearable technology, personal devices and applications linked to health. The goal is to achieve functionality that allows for digital interaction with a person that has a physical, hearing, visual, mental, or multiple disability, as well as responding to the needs of the users. The inclusive space inside the event will provide resources such as Internet access and volunteer mentors - professionals and representatives of public bodies - whom the teams will be able to consult while they work to develop their innovations. The event will be split into two parts: the first on June 14 and the second on June 15 and 16 for a total of 32 hours.
    The jury, made up of five sector professionals, will give marks to the proposals based on criteria such as innovation, relevance and ease of use. Participation in the event is totally free.
    Those who are interested can sigh up via an online form (https;// by June 2.