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Roma woman gets rape threat amid protest

Mum and child need police escort to return home in Rome

(ANSA) - Rome, May 7 - A Roma woman was threatened with rape on Tuesday amid angry protests against the assignment of a council flat to a family belonging to the ethnic minority in the Casal Bruciato district of Rome. "I'll rape you," was one of the many threats shouted at the woman, as she and her child were escorted back to the flat by police in riot gear after going out to do some shopping. Local people and members of the far-right CasaPound party staged the protest, the latest in a series of similar demonstrations in areas on the outskirts of the capital. Earlier on Tuesday some female residents of the district said "we want to see them all hanged, burned". Protests last year in the same district stopped the allocation of another flat to a Roma family. "When my nephew was 11 they stuck a knife at his throat to steal a euro from him," said one woman. "Shall we call Mussolini back from the dead?" asked another woman ironically. "I wish," replied the others.


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