Cervinia, Cogne, cut off amid avalanches (2)

In Val d'Aosta

(ANSA) - Aosta, January 8 - The famed Aosta ski resorts of Cervinia and Cogne were cut off amid a high risk of avalanches in the northwestern Italian region on Monday.
    The road to Cervinia was closed due to avalanche risk on Monday from 17:00, sources said.
    The road from Valtournenche to Cervinia is the only way to get to the famed resort. At the moment, around 5,000 people are staying in the resort below the Gran Becca mountain. This is the second time in five days that the Cervinia road has been closed because of heavy snow and avalanche risk. On Thursday the road was shut down for almost 24 hours, leaving 10,000 tourists stranded.
    The resort of Cogne was also cut off Monday when an avalanche engulfed a nearby road. The avalanche fell onto the regional road that is the only way in and out of the famed resort. The Val d'Aosta resort is therefore isolated. An avalanche alert was also issued in neighbouring Piedmont.
    photo: Cervinia


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