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Battle of bells between mayor, priest

Town official warns parish over ringing church bells too loudly

(ANSA) - Imperia, April 14 - A battle over bells has broken out in an Italian village after the mayor issued an ultimatum to the parish priest - cool down the clamour from his church bells or else.
    Mayor Marcello Moraldo of Triora, a village not far from the French border on the Italian Riviera, initially ordered parish priest Father Antonio Robu to tone down the volume on his church bells.
    Otherwise, the mayor warned, the local government would ban the ringing of bells entirely between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
    He also threatened to call in the regional environmental protection agency, Arpal, to issue fines for if the bells were found to exceed acceptable noise levels.
    The priest seemed taken aback by the attack on his joyous noise and responded with a threat of his own: any noisy summer rallies or events could trigger a reciprocal complaint to Arpal.
    "If the mayor issues an order, we will adjust," said Robu.
    "But then it will also be my concern, in the summer, to call Arpal when demonstrations in the community exceed the noise limits allowed".


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