Church bathroom shocks Palermo tourists

'It's been there for years' says diocese

(ANSA) - Trento, September 4 - Tourists were shocked on Thursday after seeing bathroom direction signs prominently featured in an altar at Palermo's landmark cathedral.
    Two large signs reading "WC Toilette" with large arrows indicating where to go to find said bathroom were placed in front and in an altar, causing uproar from parish goers and tourists.
    "I can't believe it. How could they put a bathroom behind an altar?" one tourist said.
    In a phone interview with Ansa, Parish priest Filippo Sarullo said that lack of space was reason for incorporating a bathroom into the non-Eucharist celebrating altar. "That is the only place in the entire cathedral where a bathroom could be placed. I am sorry about the complaints of the faithful, but we prefer to provide a service rather than not provide it. This is an altar where no one celebrates, the tabernacle does not preserve the Eucharist. That would indeed be serious", Sarullo said.
    According to the diocese of Palermo, the bathroom has been there for "years".


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