Aphrodisiac foods on display at Expo

Vegetables, spices, nuts, eels all on the list

(ANSA) - Milan, October 21 - Coldiretti farmers' association is hosting a display of its top picks for foods with aphrodisiac properties at its Expo pavilion, explaining how folk tradition has passed down its wisdom on these all-natural erotic kick-starters.
    According to the exhibit, almonds and pistachios are indispensable: just 30 grams a day are said to boost male fertility and female desire.
    Other unexpected vegetable aphrodisiacs include chicory, a source of the male hormone androstenedione; bell peppers, especially if just picked; red onions, with their high nitrous oxide content; and garlic, among the best-known natural aphrodisiacs in the world, Coldiretti said.
    Rounding out the exhibit's natural stimulants were eels, chili peppers, Calabrian 'Nduja salami, and saffron.


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