Fiat's Lingotto roof track to be huge hanging garden

Over 28,000 plants to create La Pista 500 garden

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 4 - The famous test track on the roof of Turin's Lingotto building, the home of a former Fiat factory, is going to be turned in Europe's biggest hanging garden.
    The project to create the 'on-the-roof' garden, La Pista 500, will feature over 28,000 plants, Olivier Francois, the CEO of the Fiat & Abarth Brands and Stellantis Chief Marketing Officer, announced on Friday during an online encounter with architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri.
    Among other things, Boeri created Milan's iconic 'Bosco Verticale' (Vertical Forest), a pair of residential towers covered in trees and plants.
    While Stellantis is seeking to improve the environmental sustainability of transport, with the introduction of electric vehicles, such as its electric Fiat 500 model, this project aims to show that it is also possible to increase green space in urban areas and boost the absorption of carbon dioxide.
    "There is something super cool that I wanted to tell you," said Francois said during the online event called 'Rewriting The Future Of Our Cities'.
    "This is something very close to my heart.
    "I'm proud of this 'on-the-roof' park project, which will see the transformation of the test track on Turin's Lingotto into a garden with over 28,000 plants". (ANSA).


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