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Italy top in EU for circular economy for 3rd straight yr

Led France, Germany, Spain and Poland in 2019 - CEN

(ANSA) - ROME, MAR 23 - Italy came top in the European Union for the circular economy for the third year running in 2019, according to a new report from the CEN-Circular Economy Network and alternative energy agency Enea Tuesday.
    Totting up the points from each sector of the circular economy, Italy was top with 79 followed by France with 68, Germany and Spain with 65 and Poland with 54, said the report.
    Italy got 26 points for circular production, five points clear of France.
    Italy was second to Spain for renewable energy used as part of total energy consumption with 18.2% compared to 18.4%, ahead of Germany with 17.4%, France with 17.2% and Poland with 12.2%.
    Recycling urban waste, according to the ISPRA environmental agency, was 46.9% in Italy in 2019, in line with the EU average ad placing second behind Germany.
    Recycling all kinds of waste, at 68%, was 9% over the EU average of 57% and in top spot among major European economies.
    The rate of circular use of materials in Italy in 2019 was 19.3%, above the EU average of 11.9%, below France's 20.1% but above Germany's 12.2%. (ANSA).


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