Petrol prices up after weeks of falling

With Euro down to 1.11 USD, petrol rises as much as 1.5 cents

(ANSA) - Rome, January 26 - Petrol prices rose as much as 1.5 cents on Monday, said energy industry daily Staffetta Quotidiana.
    Following a drop in the euro exchange rate to $1.11 as reported by the European Central Bank, national petrol prices on Monday averaged 1.541 euros per liter on unleaded (up 0.8 cents) and 1.465 euros per liter on diesel (up 0.8 cents), according to Staffetta Quotidiana.
    Eni prices rose 1.5 cents on unleaded and diesel, Q8 rose 1 cent on unleaded and diesel, and TotalErg rose 1 cent on unleaded and 0.5 cent on diesel.


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