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Rohrwacher dedicates Oscar nod to 'naughty girls'

In Iran, Afghanistan, Sweden and Umbria says director

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 24 - Italian director Alice Rohrwacher on Tuesday dedicated her Oscar nomination for her short Le Pupille (The Pupils) to the kind of naughty girls it portrays in charting teenage rebellion in a WWII boarding school.
    "I dedicate the Oscar nomination to the 'naughty girls' who are not naughty at all and who are fighting everywhere in the world.
    I wish that, like in my short film Le Pupille, they can break the cake and share it with each other," said Rohrwacher commenting on the nomination for the award which will be handed out on March 12.
    "The girls and women in Iran, in Afghanistan but everywhere also in Sweden and Umbria," she added.
    The minifilm in the Best Live Action Short nomination is a Tempest and Esperanto Filmoj production for Disney, available exclusively on Disney+. (ANSA).


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