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Three new partners join ANSA's ownership cooperative

Number of publishers belonging to the cooperative climbs to 26

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 4 - Three new partners have joined the cooperative that owns ANSA, Italy's top news agency.
    The new entries take the number of publishers in the cooperative up to 26. They produce a total of 42 daily newspapers and periodicals.
    The new partners are Il Centro Spa (which publishes Il Centro), Il Nuovo Manifesto Società Cooperativa Editrice (Il Manifesto) and Edime - Società Edizioni del Mezzogiorno - Srl (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno).
    ANSA President Giulio Anselmi expressed satisfaction at the news.
    "The values of reliability and independence that have always characterized our news output maintain ANSA's position as a bulwark against the spread of misinformation and as an indispensable reference point for the media landscape," Anselmi said.
    "At the same time, these same values determine the appeal of our cooperative, of which the entry of the new partners is the most tangible demonstration".
    Chief Executive Officer Stefano De Alessandri said it was an extremely positive development.
    "ANSA has continued the positive trend of the last four years in an international and sector situation characterized by serious ongoing problems," De Alessandri said.
    "On top of the positive balance-sheet results that have been achieved, the entry of new partners is additional proof of this; a great demonstration of the confidence that there is in the solidity of the agency and the quality of its services".
    Photo: ANSA President Giulio Anselmi. (ANSA).


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