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Storm front to bring rain to centre-north this weekend

Low-pressure zone to spread from Spain

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 22 - An "intense" storm front rushing in from Spain will bring widespread and heavy rain to the centre and north of Italy this weekend, forecasters said Thursday.
    There will be strong downpours in northern parts and parts of the centre, especially in Tuscany, said the iLMeteo.it website.
    It said Italy was set for five days of very bad weather starting Saturday with a high risk of scattered thunderstorms.
    Website editor Andrea Garbinato said "these phenomena may strike Liguria first, then spreading to the Tyrrhenian areas of the central regions and to Sardinia.
    "Also the rest of the north will have a very disturbed phase at least until Wednesday when it may even snow on low ground for the period in the Alps and northern Apennines." Withe arrival of the autumn and the equinox that falls at 03:04 Friday, he said, "a strong equinoxial storm will erupt, and in less than 24 hours the first autumnal Atlantic storm front will threaten Italy".
    The intense bad weather, Garbiano said, will mainly hit the northwest on Saturday morning, especially in southern Piedmont and western Liguria, and in the afternoon it will gradually spread to the northeast, particularly Veneto and the northern Adriatic, before pushing down into northern Marche.
    Storms are set to intensify on Saturday evening in the northeast and Emilia, while there will be a persistent risk of downpours and storms in eastern Liguria and Tuscany.
    Friday, on the other hand, will be clear and bright across most of the country. (ANSA).


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