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Employer probed for attacking woman who asked for wages

Victim broadcast the alleged assault live on social media

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 4 - Catanzaro prosecutors have opened a criminal probe into the case of a young black woman who was allegedly attacked by an employer after asking for payment for work she has done as a dishwasher at his restaurant/beach establishment.
    The 25-year-old woman, whose name is Beauty Davis, broadcast the incident in which she appears to get slapped live on social media via her telephone.
    Afterwards Davis filed a complaint to Carabinieri police, saying she had physically assaulted.
    The 53-year-old owner of the establishment in the Calabrian town of Soverato is being probed for causing personal injury, theft and issuing threats, sources said.
    Job offers have been pouring in for the victim, who is from Nigeria and has a young daughter, her lawyer said on Thursday.
    "Lots of jobs offers came to me for Beauty just hours after the news broke and they are multiplying," said lawyer Filomena Pedullà.
    "It's a chorus of solidarity, including offers to start immediately, coming not just from this area but from all over Calabria". (ANSA).


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