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40,000 fewer docs and nurses since 2010 says FIASO

Deals to 'stabilize' precarious staff in 10 of 20 regions

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 5 - Italy now has 40,000 fewer doctors and nurses than it did in 2010, hospital group FIASO said Tuesday.
    FIASO President Giovanni Migliore said 10 out of 20 Italian regions were hiring staff.
    The 5.6% drop in staffing levels since 2010 means there are 5,000 fewer doctors, almost 11,000 fewer nurses and more than 23,000 other health operators fewer than 12 years ago, he said.
    The fall made conditions during the peak of the COVID pandemic "even more critical" said Migliore.
    But staff were hired on short-term. precarious contracts that can now be converted into permanent jobs, he said.
    Half of Italy's 20 regions, which control health budgets, are doing this, he said. (ANSA).


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