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COVID: Live with virus says Costa, Speranza demurs

Still in fight against coronavirus says health minister

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 4 - Italians must learn to live with the COVID-19 virus so as not to "block" the country, Health Undersecretary Andrea Costa said Monday but Health Minister Roberto Speranza demurred saying Italy was still in a big fight with the virus.
    "I've always said that the goal is to get to the stage of living with the virus and living with it means, in my opinion, also taking into consideration the idea that those who are positive and non-symptomatic should avoid isolation and quarantine," Cost told RaiNews24.
    But Speranza said the current data showed that Italy must still battle the coronavirus and not get resigned to co-existing with it.
    "The challenge of the pandemic is still open," he said, stressing that "the latest data indicate that we are still in this fight, albeit with tools that we lacked in previous years, in the first phase of the battle against COVID".
    Speranza said the real challenge was now to "turn the greatest crisis of the last few decades into the possibility of a restart for health policies".
    photo: Speranza (ANSA).


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