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Transgender ex-teacher burns self alive in camper van

Cloe Bianco, 50, ends life in style

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 14 - A 50-year-old transgender former teacher burned herself alive in her camper van on a northern Italian road at the weekend.
    Cloe Bianco, former teacher at the Istituto Mattei high school of San Donà di Piave near Venice, had said she was going to commit suicide in a blog post on Friday.
    Her charred body was found in the burned-out vehicle on the regional highway between Auronzo and Misurina near Belluno north of Venice on Saturday.
    In her blog post last Friday Bianco said: "Immediately after the publication of this communiqué I will carry out my auto da fe, or rather my free death.
    "On this last day I have celebrated with a tasty meal and excellent nectars from Bacchus, enjoying for the last time wine and food I like.
    "This simple party of the end of my life was accompanied by good music in my little home on wheels, where I will now remain.
    "This is the most poetic way to live my life to the best and end it in the same style.
    "Here everything ends". (ANSA).


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