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Green Pass for eateries, gyms, pools, shows, spas, fairs

10% ICU threshold to turn yellow, state of emergency till Dec 31

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 22 - A COVID Green Pass vaccine passport will be needed from August 6 to get into Italian eateries indoors, open-air shows, spas, swimming pools, gyms, fairs, congresses and competitive examinations, sources at the conference of regions said after meeting the government Thursday.
    Discos will remain closed, the sources said.
    The new pass will be required for the indoor premises of Italian restaurants and bars from August 6, but will not be needed for counter service, sources said after the government's virus 'control room' met on Thursday.
    Having had one shot of the jab will be enough, they said.
    The use of the Pass on public transport such as regional and long-distance trains and buses will be discussed at a later date, sources said.
    Italy's COVID state of emergency is to be extended to December 31, sources said.
    It was to have run out at the end of this month.
    Parameters for saying when Italy's colour-coded COVID-risk zones will turn from white to yellow are to be changed with the number of cases no longer being the criterion, but rather when the thresholds of 10% of COVID occupancy in ICUs, and 15% of all hospital admissions, are reached, the sources added.
    To go from yellow to orange, the thresholds will be 20% of ICUS and 30% for overall admissions; and to turn red they will be 30% and 40% respectively.
    Also, quarantine will be shortened for those with Green Passes, the sources said.
    The measure will be contained in a new government decree that Premier Mario Draghi is set to unveil at a press conference on live TV on Thursday evening.
    The conference of regions with the government decided, meanwhile, that the entry into force of the Green Pass will be postponed for two weeks to give authorities and citizens time to adjust to the new rules, with COVID tests at controlled lower prices for families and those who cannot get vaccinated. (ANSA).


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