Mirren and Zalone star in jokey pro-vaccination video

I like the AstraZeneca anti-body, Italian comic tells UK actress

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 3 - British actress Helen Mirren and Checco Zalone star in a new jokey pro-vaccination video produced by the Italian comic and director.
    Zalone features as a clownish Spanish tourist driving through Puglia's beautiful Salento peninsula who comes across MIrren tending her plants at a dry-stone wall.
    The tourist, named Francisco Oscar Zalone, falls for the Mirren character after seeing her COVID-19 vaccination mark.
    "I look at your body with the AstraZeneca anti-body", Zaloen says in Spanish.
    He adds: "I like dancing with you, o vaccinated one".
    The video is titled 'La Vacinada', Spanish for 'The Vaccinated Woman".
    It is the second time Zalone has made a COVID comic video.
    Last year the Puglian actor made 'Herd Immunity Will Arrive' with impressionist and actress Virginia Raffaele, recounting lockdown life to the tunes of 'Ballare' legend Domenico Modugno.. (ANSA).


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