Navy 'spy' didn't have access to operations docs - Guerini

Biot's conduct doesn't reflect values of Italian military - min

(ANSA) - ROME, APR 8 - Defence Minister Lorenzo Guerini told parliament on Thursday that Walter Biot, an Italian navy captain arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia last week, did not have access to documents on military operations.
    Biot is accused of passing on dozens of classified documents on NATO telecoms systems and other top-secret matters to two Russian embassy officials who have been expelled from Italy.
    "The officer had a position that authorized him to see classified material, but his responsibilities did not feature command or management activities," Guerini told parliament's defence committees.
    "This led him to have access to evaluation and policy documents but not to documents for the management of operations or details about the capabilities of nations or of NATO".
    Guerini said that, while he did not want to jump the gun on the outcome of criminal procedures, the case did not reflect "the values and experience of our armed forces". (ANSA).


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