Winter tourism risks KO, regions tell govt

Call for 'immediate, proportionate' action

(ANSA) - TURIN, JAN 12 - Italy's winter tourism sector risks not recovering from COVID closures, the country's regions said in a message to the government in Rome on Tuesday.
    Amid a COVID spike, the government has said it may put off the reopening of skiing facilities until the end of the month.
    They had initially been scheduled to reopen on January 7, and then January 18.
    On Tuesday the regions said that the winter tourism sector "is suffering from a shortfall in turnover of several billion euros." They said the sector "risks not having the strength to get back up again after the pandemic is over".
    The regions called for "immediate and proportionate action" to help winter tourism firms and seasonal workers.
    The regions said they were willing to talk to the government with the aim of achieving a "shared and immediate solution".


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