COVID: Major 'Ndrangheta trials threatened by virus

Trouble setting up videolinks with jailed asymptomatic mafiosi

(ANSA) - TURIN, 17 NOV - A raft of major trials into the Calabria-basd 'Ndrangheta mafia's infiltration of the economy of he northern region of Piedmont are under threat because courts' inability to set up video conferences with jailed mafiosi who are COVID positive but asymptomatic, Turin prosecutors say.
    The prosecutors in the Piedmont capital are set to send a warning over the threat to Italy's anti-mafia directorate and the penitentiary agency DAP, sources said Tuesday.
    Due to the lack of videolinks, they said, hearings have suffered long delays.
    These delays are threatening to allow convicts out of jail as their preventive custody terms expire, the prosecutors have warned.
    At least one trial has already been derailed.
    It was the 'Phoenix-Carminius' 'maxi-trial' at the court in Asti.
    'Ndrangheta has long infiltrated the economies of Piedmont and other northern and central regions.
    It is Italy's richest and most powerful mafia thanks to its control of the European cocaine trade.
    The other mafias in Italy are Sicily's Cosa Nostra, and the Camorra in Campania.
    There is a smaller mafia in Puglia, the sacra Corona Unita (United Holy Crown, SCU), which is generally considered less dangerous and expansive.
    But Italy's top anti-mafia prosecutor on Monday dubbed it public enemy no.1. (ANSA).


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