ICU care in all regions at risk say anaesthetists

Risk of COVID bed saturation shortly unless trend changes

Intensive care for COVID patients is at risk in every Italian regions, the country's anaesthetists said Friday.
    The president of the national association of anesthetists and ICU doctors, Alessandro Vergallo, told ANSA that "the continuation of intensive care in 10 regions is particularly at risk...but we find ourselves in a situation of alert in all regions".
    In the 10 regions, Vergallo said, hospitals were close to the government-set limit of 30% of beds assigned to COVID patients.
    In the other regions, he said, there was a risk of "saturation of COVID places if the trend of the infections doesn't change".
    Vergallo said "the pressure is growing and we are starting to live the fear that we may return to the dramatic situation of the first phase of the epidemic". 


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