Time to stop dithering on 'eco transition' says Conte

Young people demanding inter-generation pact says PM

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 8 - It is time to stop "dithering" about the ecological transition of society and the economy in the face of the climate crisis, Premier Gisueppe Conte aid Thursday.
    "All those in a position to take decisions must understand that it is the time for choices, they can't dither any more," the premier said at the Festival of Sustainable Development at the foreign ministry.
    "Young people are asking us for an intergenerational pact.
    "We can respond with a selfish vision or we can get ready for this, to make a turning point towards the ecological transition of our society".
    Conte said a new model of development should aim to improve quality of life rather than GDP growth.
    "Economic indicators like GDP, to which people refer traditionally, too often do not succeed in capturing the difficulties of families in a cogent way.
    "We must aim for a new model of development focusing on the quality of life and wellbeing of citizens".
    Conte added that he had "trust" in Italy's ability to turn the corner on the COVID crisis with the help of the EU's Recovery Fund.
    Many of the projects the government is lining up to profit from the Fund are green and sustainable.
    He also said that five million fast COVID tests would soon be delivered to family doctors. (ANSA).


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