Revolt breaks out at Agrigento migrant centre

Three police officers hurt

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 7 - Three police officers were hurt in a revolt late on Tuesday at a migrant centre in the Sicilian city of Agrigento, union sources said on Wednesday.
    Around 65 migrants, mostly Tunisians, threw fire extinguishers, bed structures, broken glass and other objects at police and set light to mattresses.
    Six of the migrants, who were in COVID-19 quarantine at the reception centre, are thought to have managed to flee the facility, sources said.
    Valter Mazzetti, the secretary general of the State police union federation, said this was the "umpteenth revolt" of this kind.
    "These episodes take place with alarming frequency but they are now taken as if they were normal and this is unacceptable," Mazzetti said.
    "The current situation should force a complete revision of the surveillance systems at these centres, which are ticking bombs, above all on the health level due to the coronavirus emergency, but also in terms of public order". (ANSA).


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