Vatican daily slams new abortion pill guidelines

'Disconcerting' decision says L'Osservatore Romano

(ANSA) - VATICAN CITY, 19 AGO - Vatican daily L'Osservatore Romano on Wednesday slammed new government guidelines for the RU486 abortion pill extending its use from seven to nine weeks and ending compulsory admission to hospital after using it.
    "Everywhere, abortion continues to reap innocent victims and to devastate the lives of so many women: for this reason the decision to extend the practice can only prove to be disconcerting, increasing the possibilities of suppressing children, who with their being there, only ask to come into the world," said the daily.
    "And in an era of COVID-19 emergency, in which we can only celebrate the heroism of doctors and operators who give their lives to save other human lives, this appears paradoxical".
    The Vatican has already come out against the new looser rules for the pill. (ANSA).


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