Coronavirus: Travel ban extended to Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo

Block on planes, trains, automobiles from COVID at-risk nations

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 16 - Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Thursday issued a ban on air, road and rail travel from Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo to Italy due to the COVID crisis.
    The three countries have been added to the list of those considered at risk due to the virus.
    This list already comprised 13 nations.
    The updated list is thus composed of 16 countries.
    They are: Armenia, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.
    Italy has restricted travel form these countries because they still have high coronavirus transmission rates.
    Italy itself has been taken off most travel ban lists after an improvement in the COVID situation here. (ANSA).


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