Phase two rules for restaurants: no buffets, minimum 4-metres per client

INAIL-ISS says it's important to make booking obligatory

(ANSA) - Rome, May 13 - The Higher Health Institute (ISS) and workplace accident insurance agency INAIL have published a document with rules for the restaurants that are set to reopen in phase two of the coronavirus emergency.
    Obligatory Bookings.
    It says the space for each customer must be more than trebled, taking it from 1.2 metres to four, while buffet services must be eliminated. The document also stressed the importance of introducing obligatory bookings.
    Revised Layout.
    "The layout of restaurants should be revised, guaranteeing distancing between tables of no less than two metres, given the space of movement for the personnel, and guaranteeing that there is a distance between clients during the meal (which is necessarily without a facemask) that is sufficient to avoid the transmission of droplets and contact between people, including indirectly via crockery and cutlery," it reads.
    A maximum capacity limit must be set, allocating at least four square metres per customer, except for where it is possible to adopt organizational measures such as divider barriers.
    No Buffets.
    It says no to "buffets or similar services".
    Bookings should "preferably be obligatory" to prevent the "assemblage of people waiting outside".
    Masks Before and After the Meal.
    Customers will have to wear facemasks before and after the meal at the table, for example, when paying at the till or using the bathroom.
    Electronic Payments.
    Electronic payments should be favoured, with the use of contactless mechanisms and dividing barriers in the payment areas, where necessary. Non-traditional Menus.
    The document also suggests the use of "alternative, non-traditional menu-presentation formats", for example with menus written on blackboards, printed on single-use paper or visible via apps and websites.
    Hygiene It is also necessary to make hygienizing products available for clients and staff at various points within the establishment, especially near the bathrooms, which must be frequently cleansed.
    Another important aspect is the need to change the air inside the restaurants.


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