We must rebuild like after WWII says Franceschini (8)

Let's rediscover 'extraordinary capacity' says culture minister

(ANSA) - Rome, May 7 - Culture Minister Dario Franceschini on Thursday called for Italy to rally together and rebuild after the coronavirus crisis as it did after the Second World War.
    "We have an enormous job on our hands, we have before us a phase of reconstruction in which we must all learn a lot from the lesson that history gives us," he said.
    "After World War Two Italy showed an extraordinary capacity, we were poor, destroyed by a war, the cultural patrimony itself was devastated.
    "And yet there was an extraordinary capacity to rebuild everything and to become in a short time the world's fifth biggest industrial power. "And it isn't as if there were not any political clashes. "...So I would like us to learn from that (experience) for this second reconstruction of our country".
    Franceschini launched his appeal for national unity in post-coronavirus reconstruction in a briefing to the House.


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