Not asking others to pay our debts says Di Maio

We must create conditions to spend all money needed - minister

(ANSA) - Rome, April 9 - Italy is not asking other to pay its debts, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said Thursday amid a stalemate at the Eurogroup between using coronabonds, which Rome and France advocate, or the European Stability Mechanism, which northern countries have proposed in the face of Italian opposition.
    "We don't want other countries to pay our debts, Italy has always paid its own debts," Di Maio told Italian TV.
    At the Eurogroup, he said, "they are deciding if Italy can spend all the money it needs to help young people and the less young" through the coronavirus crisis.
    "We want to create the market conditions to be able to spend all the money that is needed for infrastructures, jobs, and technological innovations".


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