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Coronavirus:CNN contagion map distorts reality-Di Maio

Network published map of cases linked to Italy worldwide

(ANSA) - Rome, March 5 - Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio on Thursday accused CNN of distorting reality after it published a map of worldwide cases of the coronavirus linked to Italy, while adding that it is not the only organ to missreport the situation here.
    The map has big red arrows sprouting from Italy to other parts of the world and does not highlight other areas where there are a number of people with the deadly disease, such as China, Iran, South Korea and Japan.
    "CNN has shown a map in which it looks as though Italy is the origin of the coronavirus outbreak," Di Maio posted on Facebook.
    "This is a distorted vision of reality.
    "CNN is not the issue though, as this is just an example because other international media organizations are portraying Italy the wrong way too.
    "The disinformation of some organs does not clash with opinions but with facts.
    "Italy is the nation that is addressing with most rigour this emergency which, as we know, developed in China".


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