Prosecutor requests 4-yr term for Berlusconi

Ex-premier allegedly paid pianist to give false testimony

(ANSA) - Siena, February 13 - A Siena prosecutor on Thursday requested a court give ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi a prison term of four years, two months for allegedly bribing a witness to give false testimony. The Forza Italia leader and media magnate allegedly paid Sienese pianist Danilo Mariani to lie about alleged sex parties at his home. The prosecutor requested Mariani be given a jail term of four years, six months. The case is one of several to stem from allegations Berlusconi had sex with a then-underage prostitute nicknamed Ruby.
    Berlusconi is also alleged to have paid women involved in his alleged bunga bunga parties, including Ruby, to lie about the true nature of the gatherings.
    He was acquitted of paying Ruby for sex when she was a minor after a court said he could not have known she was only 17.
    Ruby the Heartstealer was the stage name of underage Moroccan runaway and nightclub dancer Karima El Mahroug.