China virus: Fever scanners to be set up at Fiumicino

From next flight from Wuhan on Thursday

(ANSA) - Rome, January 21 - Fever scanners will be set up at Rome's Fiumicino Airport for Thursday's next flight from Wuhan in China where a mysterious SARS-like virus which has killed at least six people was discovered, the health ministry said Tuesday.
    Passengers from Wuhan will go into a health channel where their body temperatures will be measures by the scanners, the ministry said.
    The scanners will be used for all future flights from the Chinese city.
    Passengers will also have to fill out a form with their destination and route once they have landed.
    The ministry said in a statement that "Italy has an active surveillance network on the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV)." It said the situation is "being monitored by the health ministry which is in constant contact with international health authorities".
    "At the moment the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control estimate the probability of the virus being introduced to the European Union as moderate".


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