Veneto top for healthcare quality, south improving

33 indicators measures from admissions to screenings

(ANSA) - Rome, January 8 - Veneto is the top Italian region for healthcare quality, according to the latest LEA minimal assistance levels survey out Wednesday.
    Veneto took over from Piedmont which slipped to fifth in the standings.
    Campania and Calabria, while still at the bottom of the rankings, have shown a sharp improvement in their scores, the report said.
    The report, referring to 2018 and based on 33 indicators ranging from hospital admissions to screenings, will shortly be published by the health ministry.
    In the standings, Veneto scored 222 out of 225 and was followed by Emilia Romagna (221), Tuscany (220), Piedmont (218), Lombardy (211) and Liguria (211). Next came Umbria (2010), Abruzzo (209), Marche (206) and Basilicata (191).
    Lagging regions improved their scores with Lazio rising from 180 points in 2017 to 190 in 2018, Puglia up from 179 to 186, Molise up from 167 to 180 and Sicily up from 160 to 171.
    At the bottom of the standings were Campania, which surged from 153 to 170 points, and Calabria, up from 136 in 2017 to 162 in 2018.


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