Girl abducted by Syrian dad tracked down in Denmark

Child's condition said to be good

(ANSA) - Rome, December 23 - An 11-year-old girl abducted by her Syrian father in Milan last week has been tracked down by Italian police in Denmark. The girl had only recently returned to her Ecuadorian mother in Italy after the father, Maher Balle, kidnapped her three years ago and took her to Syria.
    He took her away again on Friday after picking her up from the middle school she attends without anyone suspecting anything.
    She was tracked down in Aarhus, Denmark's second city, via the geolocation system on the phone she used to call her mother.
    The girl is currently in a home in Denmark and is said to be in a good condition.
    Balle, 42, has been placed under investigation for international abduction of a minor.
    He also faces possible charges on this count in relation to the previous abduction, in 2016.


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