3 arrested for trafficking on dark web

'Berlusconi Market' fourth operation taken down globally

(ANSA) - Rome, November 7 - Italian police on Thursday arrested three people suspected of illicit trafficking on the dark web.
    The alleged gang set up over 100,000 "advertisements" on the dark web, where they were considered "the most reliable illegal resource of the dark web", police said.
    The three are Italians accused of managing this illegal market.
    They allegedly used the names of politicians for their illegal trafficking which they dubbed 'Berlusconi market', police said.
    The site, on which illegal goods and services were traded, was managed by two people with the nicknames VladimirPutin, the administrator, and EmmanuelMacron, the moderator.
    The site also sold fake national and foreign identity documents, police said.
    "This is the fourth probe in the world to make the dark web inoffensive," said Brescia Chief Prosecutor Carlo Nocerino.
    It follows those of the FBI and Dutch police against Black Market Sill Road, Alfa Bay and Hansa Market, Nocerino said.
    "Berlusconi Market constitutes the fourth example in the world of dark web black market that today is no longer operational".