Lavazza 2020 calendar shows beauty in harmony with nature

Brand continues artistic path for environmental sustainability

(ANSA) - Venice, October 3 - The Lavazza 2020 calendar, with photos by American photographer David LaChapelle, is a testament to poetry and the search for beauty as the way to reconnect us with the environment and give the planet a future.
    The calendar, titled "Earth CelebrAction", is the latest stop on the brand's road to environmental sustainability, which Lavazza inaugurated in 2015 with the trilogy dedicated to the Earth Defenders, shot by the photographers Steve Curry, Joey Lawrence, and Denis Rouvre.
    Through their views filled with humanity and empathy, they unforgettably represented the faces of those who protect the earth every day.
    The search for positive stories that can portray a fragile ecosystem that is still full of powerful vital energy was followed up with the British photographer Platon, who in 2018 created the project "2030: What Are You Doing?" dedicated to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
    In 2019, American photojournalist Ami Vitale, who has worked with National Geographic and is among the most well-known contemporary photojournalists, documented six art projects focusing on nature, created in Thailand, Morocco, Switzerland, Columbia, Kenya, and Belgium.
    The shots from the project by LaChapelle were presented Thursday in the presence of Francesca Lavazza, a member of the board of the Lavazza Group; Michele Mariani, creative director of the Armando Testa agency; and Denis Curti, director of La Casa dei Tre Oci.
    The photos were taken in Hawaii, where LaChapelle has lived for several years on a sustainable farm.
    LaChapelle, the "pop enfant terrible" discovered by Andy Warhol, experienced an existential change that increased his interest in landscape photography with a special focus on the environment.
    Francesca Lavazza called his a "current vision that marries with that of the brand and that invites us to look at the earth as a place to guard and protect, safeguarding its beauty".