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Agreement reached for Pernigotti's Novi plant

There won't be any job losses says Di Maio

(ANSA) - Rome, August 6 - Deputy Premier and Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio said Tuesday that an agreement has been reached to protect the jobs of the workers at the Pernigotti chocolate plant in the northern town of Novi Ligure. Pernigotti's Turkish owners said last year that they wanted to close the plant.
    "The crisis started while this government was in power and it has been resolved in record time," said 5-Star Movement leader Di Maio. "There won't be any job losses and, as I always said, the people who work for a brand and make it great cannot be fired.
    "The Novi Ligure workers will continue to work for everyone, both for Pernigotti and for other brands.
    "In this way the number of jobs can increase".
    Union sources said two preliminary agreements had been signed for the Pernigotti in Novi Ligure, with the Emendatori and Gruppo Spes companies.
    Pernigotti is a manufacturer of chocolate with its speciality being the production of high quality Gianduiotto, a chocolate-hazelnuts-based treat.
    The company also makes nougats, Easter eggs and ice creams.
    It is one of the oldest and most traditional manufacturers of chocolate and nougat in Italy, founded in 1860 in Novi Ligure, Piedmont.
    In 2013 it was sold to the Toksoz company of Istanbul.


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