Italy won't back German-French EU divvying up - Salvini

No Italian support for deal for EC to Germans, ECB to French

(ANSA) - Vibo Valentia, July 2 - Italy will not back a German-French backroom deal to divvy up the top EU jobs between themselves, Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said as appointments talks went into their second day Tuesday.
    "The important thing is that Europe's future is not decided in talks between Berlin and Paris alone," he said.
    "But this morning too we got up to see divvying up hypotheses: the Commission to the Germans and the central bank to the French.
    "There are 28 states in Europe.
    "So we don't understand why the decision must always pass from Berlin to Paris, from Merkel to Macron.
    "A pre-arranged backroom solution that excludes all the others and satisfies only the French and the Germans will not have Italian support".
    The talks were forced into a second day after Italy and the Visegrad Group vetoed Dutch Socialist Frans Timmermans as new EC president.


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