Guarantees needed before Sea Watch landing - int min

On numbers, times and ways, those breaking law pay, Dutch shame

(ANSA) - Rome, June 28 - "Precise guarantees" on the number of Sea Watch migrants other EU countries will take in, and how and when they will do so, are needed before the 42 rescued migrants are allowed to land at Lampedusa, interior ministry sources said Friday.
    "The refusal to disembark and the Italian government's hard line, and that of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini in particular, are starting to bear their first fruit," they said.
    "Some European countries are confirming their willingness to rapidly welcome the immigrants currently on board the Sea Watch.
    "Before we unblock the situation, however, we need precise guarantees on the numbers, times, and ways.
    "The government is determined to prosecute whoever may have broken the law: they will have to pay the consequences.
    "The silence of Dutch authorities remains shameful".


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