Pedophilia: Savona diocesis faces 5-million-euro lawsuit

Suit regards five cases of abuse by clergyman

(ANSA) - Savona, June 24 - The Rete l'Abuso association for the survivors of sexual abuse by members of the clergy said Monday that it has filed a lawsuit for damages of almost five million euros from the Savona diocesis. The civil suit regards to alleged abuse suffered by five people when they were minors at the hands of a priest, Nello Giraudo.
    The priest was handed a criminal conviction seven years ago. Three of the five minors had been taken away from their families and put into the care of Giraudo. The suit refers to an explanation of separate decision to rule that a case against one of Giraudo's had timed out.
    That explanation said that the primary concern of Giraudo's superiors was to protect the image of the Church, rather than safeguard the minors' mental and physical health.


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