University enrolments down 40,000 in 14 yrs

'Risk of polarisation' as poorer students fail to apply

(ANSA) - Rome, June 6 - Italian university enrolments fell by 40,000 over the past 14 years, the AlmaLaurea think tank said Thursday.
    "There was a contraction of 13% between 2003/4 and 2017/18", it said.
    The fall was more accentuated, 26%, in the poorer south of Italy, it said.
    It was also sharper among those who graduated from professional and technical schools and those who came from less privileged households, the report said.
    "This poses clear risks of polarisation," it said.
    The report was presented by the dean of Rome's Sapienza University, Eugenio Gaudio, and the head of AlmaLaurea, Ivano Dionigi.


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