League wd have done zero on migrants without me - Toninelli

'90% drop in migrant landings in 7 months'

(ANSA) - Rome, January 11 - Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli on Friday claimed credit for helping drive down migrant arrivals in Italy saying the anti-migrant League would have done "nothing" without his help.
    He stressed that government choices had sharply reduced the entrance of migrants in Italy and that he had been fundamental in this.
    "If I had not been there," he said. "The League could not have done anything if I and (League leader, deputy prime minister and interior minister Matteo) Salvini had not worked together. I am in charge of the security of sailing from the time the vessels weigh anchor until they dock in the port and he is in charge after that, for the disembarking and public order." Toninelli added that in 2018, "thanks to only 7 months of the 'government of change', there has been a 90% drop in migrant landings in Italy. What does this mean? How many fewer deaths?".


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