Ousted Casamonica members try to get back into area

Where villas have been cleared, being demolished

(ANSA) - Rome, November 22 - Around 20 people, believed to be members of or sympathisers with Rome's Casamonica crime family, on Thursday tried to get back into a cordoned-off area where eight of the family's villas have been cleared and are being demolished.
    The evicted Casamonica gangsters attacked some traffic cops pushing them to the ground.
    Some people were arrested during the scuffles and their position is now being evaluated, police said.
    The Casamonicas also blocked roads leading to the area.
    They were evicted two days ago.
    The demolition of the luxurious villas started Wednesday.
    Mafia-style hidey holes have been found in the eight villas. So far four trapdoors leading to underground 'bunkers' have been found, police said.


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