Midwife sacked for refusing to be vaccinated

Criminal conduct by health professional says expert

(ANSA) - Macerata, November 15 - A midwife working at a hospital in the central city of Macerata has been sacked after repeatedly refusing to be vaccinated, the local health authority said on Thursday, confirming a report in the Corriere Adriatico newspaper. "I'm sorry it ended this way... but this case had been dragging on for months" said health authority chief Alessandro Maccioni.
    The midwife is reportedly seeking legal advice.
    Dr Roberto Burioni, a top vaccinations expert, backed the health authority's stance.
    "In my opinion, a health professional who refuses vaccinations is not just an inexcusable ignoramus, but they are also something that is close to criminal," Burioni said. "The presence of an unvaccinated person in a ward where pregnant women are cared for and give birth is like lighting a match in a petrol depot".


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