'Coca Cola', Web tax in budget

Boeri says fund lacking for 'level 100' pension reform

(ANSA) - Rome, November 15 - A Coca Cola tax and a Web tax are featured in the 2019 budget, government sources said on Thursday.
    The tax on fizzy drinks is meant to fund a revision of business tax IRAP, they said.
    The Web tax is still in the package as the League on Thursday withdrew an amendment against it.
    The package also contains measures to extend to all elementary schools full time schedules.
    It also contains a 'level 100' pension reform meaning people can retire earlier if their ages and years of contributions add up to 100.
    Tito Boeri, the head of pensions agency INPS, on Thursday said "the additional funds for level 2100 are missing".
    Boeri has been among those heavily critical of the budget, which risks sparking an infringement procedure from the European Commission.


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