Conte invites Putin to Italy, says sanctions 'not an end'

Italian PM in Moscow to boost business

(ANSA) - Moscow, October 24 - Visiting Premier Giuseppe Conte on Wednesday invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to Italy, saying he hadn't been there for too long.
    "I hope that you can come to Italy as soon as possible, you've not been there for too long: I wouldn't like the Italian people to think you aren't paying attention to them," said Conte, who is on an official visit to Russia.
    Conte said it was right to support Italy's economic relations with Russia and that sanctions are a tool to be "overcome as soon as possible" after meeting with Putin.
    "It is right to support economic relations between Italy and Russia, in the reciprocal interest of the two countries", Conte said.
    "Sanctions are never an end for Italy but a tool to be overcome as soon as possible, through dialogue".
    Speaking about the Ukrainian dossier, the Italian premier said "there is no alternative perspective to the respect of the Minsk agreements".
    Conte said that "I'm not here to ask Putin to buy Italian bonds via the sovereign fund". He added, however, that "the fundamentals of the Italian economy are solid" and if the fund were to do so, it would get a "bargain".
    Putin said he would have no "qualms" about buying Italian bonds.


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