Heated tones can stimulate on migrants - Moavero

Italy seeking to expand Sophia landing remit

(ANSA) - Vienna, August 31 - Heated tones can help Italy in its ultimatum to the EU over migrants, Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi said Friday.
    "It's clear that heated tones may not help to find the easiest solution, but with equal honesty we must say they can stimulate, give the shocks that then enable us to arrive at a solution," he said.
    "The issue is delicate and sensitive. It finds a very keen attention by public opinion in all countries.
    "Strong tones, also of opposition, have not come only from Italy".
    Italy is seeking to rotate the Sophia mission's landings so that other countries other than Italy can take some in. Moavero said there was still no agreement among EU foreign ministers on Italy's request for Sophia.


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